Intellectual Property

FROXIMUN AG is the owner of several trademark protection rights for the trademarks used and application patents for MANC. National and international utility patents refer to the areas of application for the basic substance clinoptilolite in the pharmaceutical field. These are specifically protective patents for the application of an activated and modified clinoptilolite as a medical device used in disorders of the metabolic organs, particularly the liver, kidneys and pancreas,

  • The removal of lead, mercury and ammonia from the digestive tract in humans and animals,
  • The removal of mercury and amalgam from the tooth and jaw area and
  • The binding of exogenous histamine in the digestive tract as well as in external wounds in humans and animals.

PATENT WO 2013041090 A1

Use of klinoptilolith or klinoptilolith containing mixtures for producing medicinal products.

The invention relates to the use of clinoptilolite or clinoptilolite containing mixtures for producing medicinal products or other pharmaceutical products, for the absorption and removal of caesium ions from the human or animal organism. Here, the clinoptilolite is modified by purification and comminution. The products are suitable, when taken in a preventative and/or timely manner, for reducing both the concentration of the absorption of radioactive caesium ions and also of nonradioactive caesium ions into the human or animal body. The medicinal product or pharmaceutical product is likewise suitable for reducing the caesium ions already present and absorbed in the living being when taken over a certain period, stepwise in the concentration after they have been taken.

Patent WO 2010057849 A1

Method for reducing the concentration of amines and salts thereof

The invention relates to a method for reducing the concentration of amines and salts thereof, wherein the amines have the general chemical formula I R1R2R3N and the salts have the formula Il R1R2R3N-H, wherein the amines and salts thereof exist in aqueous solution or aqueous suspension and are brought into contact with clinoptilolite or clinoptilolite containing mixtures. The method itself is suitable for use in food preparation and in the manufacture of foods. The inventive idea of reducing the concentration of amines and salts thereof is also useful in the manufacture of medical products for absorbing and for removing amines from the intestinal tract or the skin area of humans and animals.

Research & Development

FROXIMUN research focuses on acquiring knowledge of why certain chronic and non-chronic illnesses can be alleviated and/or treated with FROXIMUN medical devices. The objective is to research how such human illnesses can be avoided via the preventive use of FROXIMUN medical devices and reducing the risk of an illness via such preventive use. Another primary objective is to integrate the knowledge acquired immediately in the required forms of treatment and possibly initiating a paradigm shift.

Basic research of FROXIMUN AG not only supplies information as to why the base substance MANC (modified and activated clinoptilolite) has particular properties and how they work, but what causes precede the development of certain clinical symptoms and how disease progression can be delayed, stopped or reversed. We have learned that a poisoned organism cannot be helped with toxins, but must be detoxified. We have learned that FROXIMUN medical products not only effect a change for one day, but can positively influence one’s entire life.

"The main goal in life is not to know but to act.”
(Thomas Huxley)