What is bloating ?

The feeling of discomfort, gas and visible swelling can be physically and mentally overwhelming. Bloating may be caused by many factors including the types of food you eat (e.g. cruciferous vegetables), over indulgence and quite often it may be down to a food intolerance.

For those with a food intolerance, the body sees foods such as wheat, gluten and dairy as something it must get rid of and produces an immune response where histamine is released. Histamine then produces large amounts of gas and that's what causes bloating. Many foods also contain high levels of histamine, contributing to the problem.

How does Toxaprevent help?

The Toxaprevent Digestive range has the ability to bind to excess histamine in the digestive tract. Once Toxaprevent binds to histamine, the histamine can no longer produce gas and bloating can be alleviated. Toxaprevent is then gently removed with any histamine it has bound to alongside the body's natural bowel movements.

If your stomach is bloated, then Toxaprevent PLUS Sachets will be ideal as these work in the upper digestive tract (mouth, throat and stomach).

If you feel the bloating lower down in your small intestine and colon, then Toxaprevent PURE Capsules will be more suited for you. The capsules by-pass the stomach and have a delayed released. This means they open up in the intestines and this is where they release the active ingredient to target the lower part of your digestive system.

For maximum effect, the sachets and the capsules can be taken together.


Take 2 – 3 PURE Capsules before each meal to target bloating in the intestines.

Take 1 PLUS Sachet 20 minutes before your main meal. If required, take one sachet in the morning as well to support the body's natural enzyme which breaks down histamine (DAO).