Case Studies

  • Jazz Dhami

    "My IBS had me going to the toilet 7 – 8 times a day, which cramped my stomach and made me feel very tired. Whenever I ate, I found I needed to go to the toilet straight after and sometimes I even avoided eating so I wouldn’t have to go so often.

    Toxaprevent has had a huge impact on my symptoms - diarrhoea, constipation, bloating - and has regulated my system. I used to feel embarrassed about going to the toilet so often, but now that I’m only going 3 times a day my confidence has been restored and I can make plans knowing I don’t need to constantly be near a toilet facility. It’s great knowing I can do that!

    The stress has gone because I’m not thinking about when I will need to rush to the toilet, especially if I’m in the middle of a meeting at work. Using Toxaprevent, I can concentrate more, venture out further, and drive for longer periods of time. Best of all, I can eat spicy foods again! The difference it has made to me and my everyday life is unbelievable."
  • Jason Compton

    "After using Toxaprevent Plus Sachets, I saw a significant improvement in my acid reflux in just 2 weeks. Following years of discomfort, my mouth no longer feels dry and acidic and I've stopped using antacids like Gaviscon, which were costing me over £30 each month. Even the medication prescribed by my GP didn't work as well as Toxaprevent Plus Sachets.

  • Christie Michael

    "I've been using the skin salve for 6 days now and I haven't had one new spot since! The old spots are healing and the redness has disappeared."

  • Sarah Cantwell

    "I use the Toxaprevent Skin Salve on my acne and it works really well. It gets rid of spots within a couple of days rather than over a week, and reduces the amount of times I have outbreaks of spots."

  • Jennifer Merryfield

    "My spots used to be sore and itchy which had me feeling down quite often. By the second week of using the Toxaprevent Skin salve on my acne, it soothed the soreness and reduced the itchiness. It meant that I could get on with my day more easily and also gave me a confidence boost because I didn’t have to wear as much make up as usual to cover up the spots"