Medical Adivsory Board

  • Dr Marcus Stanton

    Holistic doctor, journalist, lecturer. Born in 1970 in the US. He practiced with Dr. Winfried Weber in a holistic medical private practice in Darmstadt, south of Frankfurt and in a dental practice in Uelzen.

    He gained his reputation by passing on knowledge in a particularly illustrative way. He builds bridges between philosophy, humanism and science, which he linked with the challenging daily practice of employment.

    Even before beginning his studies of medicine in Germany, he studied holistic medicine and energy healing, so, despite his young age, he quickly found himself included in significant circles:

    • Dozens of lectures at home and abroad every year
    • Lecturer of the medical training courses
    • Television appearances
    • Member of the program committee of the Frankfurt Consilium
    • Founding member of the Network of Interdisciplinary Complementary Oncology and IFOS Academy
    • Journalist in various holistic medical journals
    • Medical consultant and editor of the CO'MED (Journal of Complementary Medicine)

    He is constantly striving to emphasize that each patient carries a very individual constellation which cannot be treated by everyday medicine, but must be considered with very high precision at all levels of being.
  • Dr Raik Garve

    Born in 1981 in Potsdam, studied human medicine (completion 2008) at the Christian Albrechts University in Kiel, first degree and license to practice medicine (Jan. 2009), various training courses in osteopathy, manual pain therapy, Biophysical Information Therapy (BIT), metabolic regulation, nutrition, cell symbiosis therapy.

    Co-author: CANCER - Chance or Final (BoD Publishing 2009)

    Current focus:

    Interdisciplinary linkage of Naturopathy and teaching medicine in the form of regular lectures, seminars and workshops on an overall concept which is comprehensible for everyone.

    Training of therapists in the practical application of natural body detoxification with Froximun®-medical devices (TOXAPREVENT®).

    Lecturer in the training of medical practitioners (since 2005):

    • Teaching of basic knowledge in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, general and special pathology, medical history, physical examination, exam preparation (oral and written) for the medical officer exam

    Lecturer in Adult Education (since 2007):

    • Regular lectures and seminars on the entire spectrum of educational, natural and quantum medicine, prevention, natural body detoxification and medical history

  • Dr. Wolfgang Kufahl

    Environmental dentists in Uelzen,
    Executive IFOS (Registered Voluntary Association)

    Born in 1958 in Gelsenkirchen and currently an environmental dentist who completed his medical studies at the University of Hamburg. Completed his doctorate in dentistry about tinnitus and ginkgo biloba in 1997.

    For 17 years, he settled in private practice for holistic dentistry with a focus on:

    • Amalgam
    • Heavy metal exposure from dental materials
    • Heavy Metals
    • Testing of material loads/intolerances
    • Detoxification and drainage therapy from the point of regulation medicine
    • Scientific advice and support for the practical implementation of the patient-specific implant system Indi Implant

    In 2001 he founded his Institute for preventative and regulatory medicine.
    2002: Developed of the tooth module for the computer-aided diagnosis method VICTOR, which was used in the Russian space programs (e.g. on the MIR).

    Additional training:

    • Manual therapy (Chiropractic)
    • Neural therapy
    • Hypnosis
    • Kinesiology
    • Ayurveda
    • TCM

    Membership in the following companies:

    • Pain Therapeutic Colloquium (Registered Voluntary Association)
    • GGMM total German Society for Manual Medicine
    • AGM Working Group for Holistic Medicine in Northern Germany
    • IFOS
    • ICCMO

    Dr. Kufahl - "The ill patient should be protected and should not be exposed to further hazards from the dentist's chair. It is important to differentiate, so each patient can be addressed individually."
  • Torsten Stenzel, Pharmacist

    Independent pharmacist in Rostock. Born in 1967 in Leipzig, studied pharmacy in 1986-1990 at the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University in Greifswald.

    "Environmental toxins and the uncritical use of medications overload the human organs. This is hoping to protect in order to prevent diseases. Body detoxification is the most effective measure for it."

    As an exceptional pharmacist, Stenzel advises not only very successful medical practitioners, but also patients seeking help.


    • Dozens of lectures at home and abroad every year
    • Holistic Pharmacy, drug metabolism, environmental analysis
    • Homeopathy, Biochemistry according to Dr. Schüssler, phytotherapy
    • Allergy advice, food intolerances.

  • Karl-Otto Fischer, Naturopath

    Naturopath and therapist in private practice since 1998. Board of IFOS (Regiestered Voluntary Association)

    Trained as a masseur and medical attendant between 1991 and 1994. Trained as a medical practitioner with completion and final approval from 1995 - 1997. Various internships and subject-specific skills, training in diagnosis and advanced medicine. Special emphasis: Bio-electronic Field Analysis by Prof. Vincent and humoral pathology by Reckeweg.

    Therapeutic areas of focus:

    • Chiropractic
    • Neural therapy
    • Colon cleansing
    • Oxygen and ozone therapies
    • Two Fischer regulation therapy.

    He has outstanding achievements in the medical and therapeutic area, and continues to deliver his comprehensive, sophisticated presentations in the holistic medical training sector. Since 2005 Karl-Otto Fischer has been research specialist for the development of FOS (Consultant in Oxidative stress) and Research Executive of the International Trade Academy for Oxidative Stress (IFOS). Since 2011 Karl-Otto Fischer has been a member of the Medical Advisory Board of Froximun AG. Furthermore Karl-Otto Fischer is a member of the International Medical Society for Biocybernetic Medicine and a member of the Society of oxygen and ozone therapy.
  • Dr. Jürgen Weber

    Surgery and medical clinic manager, Rostock

    Dr. Weber completed his medical studies at the University of Rostock. He is a surgeon with several additional qualifications e.g. in thoracic surgery, and in naturopathy. He completed his postdoctoral and teaching qualification at the University of Leipzig. He belongs to several major medical associations, including the Association Society of Aesthetic Surgery Germany.

    Due to his extensive experience Dr. Weber is a sought-after personality in the field of research and development.


    • Initiative research in the field of transdermal lipolysis
    • Unsolicited Research in needleless transdermal mesotherapy since 2007
    • Unsolicited Research in autologous tissue replacement since 2007/stem cells.

    Dr. Weber: "The skin is the interface between the human organism and the environment. To develop new therapies with modern medical devices, gives a chance for a cure, especially for patients in need."

    Society Memberships

    • Professional Association of German Surgeons
    • Central German Surgeons Association
    • Society of Aesthetic Surgery Germany
    • Society of Liposuction
    • Society of Cosmetic Medicine
    • International Society Aesthetic Medicine (Prof.Mang)
    • Society for Hyperthermia (DGHT).

    Developments / Publications / Lectures

    • A - Surgery / Thoracic surgery / Cancer / Naturopathy
    • Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
    • Over 110 presentations at conferences/international congresseses
    • Over 50 publications in scientific journals
    • 1 Post septic surgery
    • 1 Post pathology of malignant tumors: Clinic + diagnosis + therapy

  • Dr. Erwin Walraph

    Immunologist, specialist laboratory in Neubrandenburg

    Born on 02.10.1937 in Rostock. Teaching since 1956 to nurses, and to specialist teachers of anatomy / physiology and nursing in 1961 to 1966.

    Studies and research studies of Medical Microbiology and Immunology at the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University in Greifswald from 1966 to 1972. Completed diploma in 1971. Completed PhD at the EMArndt University Greifswald in 1974.

    Went on to postgraduate studies of clinical immunology and completion of a scholarship in medicine/immunology at the Academy of Medical Education of the German Democratic Republic (GDR).

    From 1980 to 1986, a member of the group "Philosophical Problems in Medicine" at the Academy of Medical Education of the GDR.

    From 1972, head of the immune biological laboratories in Stralsund and Neubrandenburg hospitals.

    In 1977, I assumed the role of secretary of the Regional Group North of the Company for Small Chemistry and Laboratory Diagnostics in GDR. In 1990 I was elected by the Working Group to form the "Professional Association of Laboratory Medicine".

    Since 1991, I have been doing freelance work with the authorization for all health insurance companies as a council, and specialized laboratories for Immunology in Neubrandenburg.

    Main activities are:

    Immune system disorders, such as

    • Immunodeficiency’s
    • Immune deficiency
    • Unspecified disorders
    • Autoimmune diseases
    • Allergies
    • Food intolerance
    • Tumour Immunology.