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What is Balance–O used for?

  • Reduces Calorie Intake from Dietary Fats
  • Weight management

What is Balance-O?

Balance-O is a lipid binder for the treatment of excess weight, weight management and reduction of cholesterol intake from food.

Balance-O reduces caloric intake from fatty foods. The main ingredient is Gumcasus® which has a high capacity to bind fat. Gumcasus® is a pure and safe product of natural origin, which reduces the uptake of fat in the intestines. The fat is then removed from the body through natural bowel movements along with Gumcasus®. Balance-O is especially effective in obesity resulting from a high-fat diet. Food ingredients such as carbohydrates and proteins are not bound by Balance-O.

Areas of Use: 

To support weight reduction, take 1 - 2 sachets up to 2 hours after a main meal with high fat content, with sufficient liquid. You can take more sachets for more fatty meals, but do not have more than 4 sachets per day.

To promote weight loss using Balance-O, a calorie-controlled, balanced diet is also recommended.

The use of supplements for the fat-soluble for vitamins A, D, E and K are recommended to meet the daily needs for these vitamins.

After a treatment cycle of 28 days, a break of several days is recommended before continuing to use Balance-O.


Active ingredient: Gumcasus® (calcium sulfate in combination with other ingredients). Other ingredients: sorbitol, gum arabic, silica, simeticon, carboxymethylcellulose, citric acid; Aroma blood orange, beetroot juice powder, magnesium stearate, steviol glycosides, riboflavin-5 'phosphate.

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