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What is in HeliPass™?

HeliPass™ contains a patented strain of Lactobacillus reuteri (DSM17648) which in studies has shown to co-aggregate to specific bacterium in the stomach. Thanks to this unique mode of action this has allowed HeliPass™ to give the body another way of fighting the bacteria without the use of antibiotics and thus supporting a healthy stomach environment and a good gastric function.

The Lactobacillus reuteri strain DSM 17648 contains adhesion molecules which exhibit glycoproteins on the surface of its structure which bind specifically to the bacteria; these structures are unique to this L. reuteri strain: a large number of other L. reuteri strains were tested in the laboratory and did not show co-aggregation.

For further information or studies, please contact the Nouveau Health team.

Can be used in conjunction with the Toxaprevent Medi PLUS Sachets to remove ammonium and histamine whilst strengthening the intestinal barrier.

At what age can HeliPass™ be used?

HeliPass™ contains a strain of L. reuteri which has a long history of safe use within the food chain. Lactobacillus reuteri is included in the European Food Safety Associations (EFSA) list of microorganisms for Qualified Presumption of Safety (QPS). QPS status implies that the specific strain has not been associated with safety issues. It can therefore be safely consumed by adults and children from 4 years and above.

What happens once HeliPass™ coaggregates with the bacteria?

Once the bacterium is bound by the L. reuteri strain in HeliPass™ it simply travels through the gastrointestinal tract and passes out via natural bowel movement

Areas of Use: 

Take 1-2 capsules twice per day with 200ml liquid immediately before or during solid meals for a minimum of 12 weeks.


Ingredients: Lactobacillus reuteri DSM17648 (inactivated), maize dextrin, Hydroxypropyl-methylcellulose (capsule shell).

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