HALISTOP Chewable Tablets

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What are TOXAPREVENT® HALISTOP Chewable Tablets used for?

  • Bad breath (Halistosis)
  • Gum inflammation
  • Improved wound healing in mouth

What are TOXAPREVENT® HALISTOP Chewable Tablets?

Toxaprevent HALISTOP Chewable Tablets bind and remove compounds containing ammonium odorants from the mouth and gums for the natural regulation of halitosis. The tablets also bind and remove histamine, improving wound healing in the mouth and reducing inflammation of the gums using the patented ingredient MANC® (Modified and Activated Natural Clinoptilolite). 

How does MANC® work?

MANC® particles have “cages” where toxins can be stored using a process called ion exchange. Its negative charge attracts positively charged toxins and selectively absorbs them. The particle size is optimised to ensure Toxaprevent stays only in the digestive tract and is eliminated through natural bowel movements, taking the toxic substances with it as it moves through the system.


Areas of Use: 

For daily use. Take 6 - 9 chewable tablets per day. Chew the tablets thoroughly before swallowing them.


Each tablet contains:

  • MANC® (Modified and Activated Natural Clinoptilolite).
  • Isomalt
  • Lemon Aroma
  • Hydroxypropyl Cellulose
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Stevia


Love it!
I love the taste of these and they do help with bad breath. They are easy to chew and even enjoyable. Great!
Andy, 2017-07-28 20:37

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