TOXAPREVENT® Medi PLUS (10 Sachets)

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What are Toxaprevent Medi PLUS Sachets used for?

  • Strengthen the intestinal barrier

What are Toxaprevent Medi PLUS Sachets?

Toxaprevent Medi PLUS Sachets are used to absorb and remove toxic substances from the digestive system. The active ingredient MANC® (Modified and Activated Natural Clinoptilolite) is a clean form of zeolite which has the ability to absorb Heavy Metals (Lead and Mercury), Histamine and Ammonium.

How does MANC® work?

MANC® particles have “cages” where toxins can be stored using a process called ion exchange. Its negative charge attracts positively charged toxins and selectively absorbs them. The particle size is optimised to ensure Toxaprevent stays only in the digestive tract and is eliminated through natural bowel movements, taking the toxic substances with it as it moves through the system.

Areas of Use: 

For daily use. Stir the contents of one sachet into 300ml of water and drink. If necessary, take one more sachet before bed. Leave two hours between taking medication and Toxaprevent.


MANC® (Modified and Activated Natural Clinoptilolite), calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate.

Ideal for use in conjunction with Toxaprevent Medi PURE Capsules.


Effective at removing ammonium & histamine from the body
I've only recently started taking this product, but it already seems to be doing what it is supposed to. It does lower histamine levels because my headaches are reduced when I take this and my reactivity to histamine-containing foods is reduced. I know it is removing ammonium because whenever I go to the bathroom, it smells like a cat has been doing its business there, not a human. That's the smell of the ammonia that is being removed from the body. Gross, but effective. The sachets contain a lot more Zeolite than the capsules. There is 3000mg of MANC in a sachet, but only 400mg in a capsule. So I've noticed stronger effects from the sachets. I do realise the capsules only open once they are in the small intestine and so target a different area of the body. But all the same, there is more powder in a sachet than in a capsule. The sachet has a little notch in the side to make it easier to tear open. Unfortunately I found that using this notch results in a cloud of zeolite dust everywhere. So instead I cut the top off with a pair of scissors and the whole process is much neater as a result.
Joe, 2017-09-15 09:38

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