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Dramatic improvement of bowel movements
I originally purchased Toxaprevent because of the research into the way it removes toxins from the body but found that it also has had a huge positive effect on bowel movements. I suffer from Diverticulitis and also have a very large abdominal hernia..Regular bowel movements are essential if i am to avoid inflammation of the diverticula. I used to use large doses of Vitamin C to avoid constipation and/or sluggish bowel movements but found that it often caused diarrhoea. Within 2 days of taking toxaprevent (in the morning) I found that normal bowel movement - and formation - was restored. Quite an amazing result.
Hives recovery
I suffer from urticaria (hives) which leaves me itchy especially when I'm stressed. I got talking with one of the shop staff in the planet organic store in Wandsworth and bought this after talking to her. I tried the Toxaprevent skin powder and the sachets. All I can say is relief has never been so sweet! I was told to pour the skin powder into a bath and lie in it. All I can say is I just feel really relieved as if my body just feels relaxed. I've stopped having the random flair up's which is a plus. The only issue I've had is on the sachets where I got constipated slightly I rang the telephone line and found out that I was not drinking enough water. Just wish they had warned me before! However all in all fantastic product and I would definitely recommend it to anyone with hives!
Great recommendation
My wife and I were recommended to use toxaprevent at a health holiday resort in Turkey. We have both been taking it each morning for the past nine months and have really felt the benefits in terms of improved digestion. I have suffered from IBS in the past and it has virtually gone now.
My health care practitioner
My health care practitioner recommended that I use this product as part of a general healing and detoxification programme aimed at reducing dangerous levels of inflammation in my body. I have been using the Toxaprevent sachets and capsules under her guidance. She has stressed that there are no side effects or adverse consequences of taking this product, which is safe, even for those, like myself, undergoing treatment for illness. I can recommend this product and treatment approach for anyone wishing to detoxify their body of harmful chemicals and agents and restore health and wellbeing by natural means.
Reflux gone! Hello energy! :)
I've been using the capsules on and off alongside other h-pylori remedies. With continued trial and error, I'm now clear that the ToxaPrevent is the one which has eliminated my reflux each time, and stopped me feeling at death's door. I have experienced having energy for the first time in many years. While busying around, I've been shouting to my teenagers, "My reflux has gone. I'm better, I feel normal!" :)
The only thing that has worked to cure reflux
About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with h.pylori and then, last year, after a lifetime of perfect digestive health, I started having reflux, all day, every day - a symptom, I'm positive was caused by h.pylori still being in my system. I tried acupuncture, naturopathy, I eat a strict paleo diet, I gave up coffee... I did everything, nothing worked and I was going insane with the pain, discomfort and inability to move and eat freely. Then a staff member at Planet Organic told me about Toxaprevent as a good substitute for diatomaceous earth (which I'd been taking for a month before returning to England and something I can't find to buy here). I've been taking Toxaprevent pure capsules for about three weeks and my reflux is 100% gone. Gone to the point I'd forgotten how much I used to suffer from it. I also notice my skin is markedly improved, my eyes are clearer and my energy levels are through the roof. This product is brilliant. This sounds a bit dramatic, but it's given me my life back!
I really think this worked!
I have just finished the 5 day protocol to eliminate Helicobacter Pylori from my system. Today is my first day off the protocol. Results: my digestion, which I thought had already improved 100% after a course of Toxaprevent PURE capsules is now outstanding; my skin is clearer; my skin is comfortable / doesn't get itchy; my teeth and gums look amazing; my eyes are clearer and I feel really calm and relaxed. I like this product. It works for me really well and after months of searching for something that would work and a lot of money on naturopaths, etc, I am so pleased to have found a solution.
relief from Histamine intolerance
I have been using the Toxaprevent plus powder and the cream for hives associated with histamine intolerance. These products have dramatically reduced my hives and I feel generally more energized and less prone to food reactions. Thank you for this product I give these products 5 stars
Gem of a product
I have been suffering reflux a long time. I got told about toxaprevent and tried it, and it worked. Now I take the capsules and sachets every few months or so. I notice when I'm taking this product, inflammation in my fingers / toes due to arthritis completely disappears. My skin becomes very clear and comfortable and my digestion and breathing improve. I will always fall back on these products - along with an impeccable diet, they are the only thing I've ever found to truly help the things I've tried for years to improve. Amazing. Very happy customer.
The first thing I noticed when I started taking the capsules & sachets was the inflammation in my fingers completely went away. I've not had any arthritic pain since the cold weather set in and things like itchy skin, rosacea and reflux seem to be a thing of the past. Everything seems to have improved - I've only had a small spot of chilblains, even though the weather here is freezing and my digestion is spot on. Super happy with toxaprevent, it makes sense and seems a safe, healthy way to detoxify.
I have found that using the capsules and powder that my heartburn symptoms are managed so much better. Previously I had been prescribed PPI's by my GP and they made very little difference to the burning symptoms. It is now clear to me that it was Ammonium rather than acid burn and the PPI's were not treating this but the Toxaprevent does. So glad I have found these products.
I would like to say that Toxaprevent capsules are helping me with my digestive issues and small intestinal overgrowth as well as heartburn and Gerds and i would very much recommend this product. It is also helping very much in the detox and in going to the loo more regularly! i would definitely add this to your regime for healing and symptom relief. Also i might add the staff are very helpful and kind in supporting advice.
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Great products!
These have definitely helped with my stomach issues! I also use them for binding to heavy metals present in the foods in my diet. I've had issues with heavy metal poisoning (confirmed by lab work) so this is extremely helpful for reducing further exposure!
Very happy
I started using the toxaprevent sachets and capsules after being told about them by a worker at Planet Organic. I find this product to be better than what it says on the packaging. My digestion and bowel movements have improved remarkably and I also find I'm less fixated on food. I rarely write reviews, but was so happy with the results from this product, I felt i had to. Thank you

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