What is in Toxaprevent?

For centuries, people across Europe have reported spectacular results with the use of clinoptilolite, a natural volcanic zeolite and probably one of the oldest and most versatile active ingredients used by humans. The negative charge it has means it naturally work like a sponge and lets it absorb toxic substances including histamine, ammonium and heavy metals (lead and mercury), all of which can contribute to ill health. These toxins can be stored in “cages” which run through the clinoptilolite particles.

Before putting clinoptilolite into Toxaprevent, it must be processed to clean out anything which it has already absorbed. Cleaning out clinoptilolite turns it into an empty “sponge”, maximising the amount of toxins it can absorb from the body. The second part of the process optimises the particle size - only particles which are sized between 6 and 10 microns (thousandth of a millimetre) are used in Toxaprevent. This ensures they cannot pass through the stomach or intestinal barrier into the bloodstream, but are eliminated through natural bowel movements instead. The result of this process turns ordinary clinoptilolite into MANC® – modified and activated natural clinoptilolite – a medical device for the detoxification of the body which, because it doesn’t interfere with the body’s processes, has no direct side effects. It doesn't add anything to the body; it simply absorbs unwanted substances which are then excreted alongside natural bowel movements.

With repeated use, research has shown even toxins which had been stored in the body for a long period of time showed evidence of removal.

Binding Capacity of MANC®

In tests resembling the large intestine, MANC® was added to a liquid substance filled with lead. 98% of the toxic substance adhered to it. The above graph shows how much of each toxic substance also adhered to MANC®. By binding with these substances in the digestive tract or on skin, MANC® ensures they too will not be absorbed by the body and relieves the body, liver and kidneys of their toxic burden.

Clinoptilolite and its Mode of Action

Clinoptilolite has an extremely hard and microporous structure similar to a honeycomb with ducts and cavities found throughout the molecule. The channels consist of openings where heavy metals and minerals can bind. The silicon building block is electrically neutral with the aluminium building block exhibiting a negative charge throughout the crystalline structure. In order to maintain electro-neutrality, a balancing process occurs whereby the clinoptilolite attracts positively charged minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and sodium. These cations are common within the body and are easily displaced by heavy metals that include mercury, arsenic, cadmium and nickel found within the body for removal.

Clinoptilolite, the most effective subgroup of the zeolites, is a natural volcanic substance with a unique, complex crystalline structure. Its honeycomb framework of cavities and channels (like cages) works at the cellular level enabling the substance to adsorb and absorb various solutions, toxins, gases, petrochemicals, heavy metals, and low-level radioactive elements. In fact, because they are negatively charged, zeolites act as magnets, safely drawing toxins into the crystalline structure, capturing them and removing them from the body. The array of channels within the structure provides large surface areas for chemical reactions to take place and occupies 51% of the crystal’s volume. Some scientists speculate that substances like clinoptilolite might have laid the basis for live formation on earth due to their extraordinary catalytic and reverse binding capabilities.

Clinoptilolite has industrially been used for water purification, air filters and in cigarette filters to reduce nicotine and tar. A large range of veterinarian uses for clinoptilolite have been put into practice by its addition into animal feed for the reduction of ammonia production and to increase nutrition as well as into cat litter and animal stalls to reduce odour. In animal models clinoptilolite has shown to have the capability to moderate disease progression and promote healing even in diseases like cancer in dogs.

Most importantly is zeolite’s role in the medical industry. Many individuals do not realize the benefits gained from the introduction of this amazing product in any detoxification program.

Clinoptilolite for human use must be of very high quality, the raw material must be depleted from substances that it may have adsorbed earlier, and it must be modified and activated for maximum performance. The active substance in all Toxaprevent® products is modified and activated natural clinoptilolite (MANC) of specific and patented particle size that has shown to be efficient in numerous studies and case reports.

Medical Applications in Humans

Clinoptilolite is a multifaceted substance that is used medically for an array of conditions and health challenges. The addition of a clinoptilolite product such as Toxaprevent® in an individual’s health regime will help to:

  • Remove heavy metal toxicity
  • Balance pH
  • Bind and remove mycotoxins
  • Act as an anti-diarrheal
  • Aid in the prevention of the formation of carcinogenic substances
  • Act as potent antioxidant
  • Trap and remove pre-virus
  • Balance the immune system.

In addition, clinoptilolite works on the body to help with:

  • The circulatory system
  • Kidney function
  • Skin diseases
  • Periodontitis
  • Endocrine glands
  • Neuropsychosis
  • Fungal infection

The number and range of applications seems quite amazing. However the effects are all due to the specific binding, deactivating and depletion mechanism of the modified and activated natural clinoptilolite (MANC®). This unique mode of action is the connecting element of all health statuses affected.

Just like the body depletes itself from various orthomolecular active substances and needs to be filled up continuously either by foodstuff or supplements in order to ensure optimal health and quality of life, the body also accumulates substances that may be regarded as waste, blocking the intracellular matrix or being stored in the bone or fat tissue. Some of these substances are toxic. They may cause disorders, influence metabolic and signalling pathways, destroy cells and tissues, and promote chronic diseases. The human body is lacking an efficient depletion mechanism for them. As a result, they accumulate and may influence the quality of life and life span. Clinoptilolite, a substance available since the beginning of life, is an excellent tool to get rid of many of these substances by binding and depleting them from the body.

Adding the concept of detoxification and depletion to the orthomolecular approach of filling up what is missing opens a door to highly effective prevention and treatment of many of today’s diseases.

The areas of applications for clinoptilolite are broad. However, this is due to the basic concept and the mode of action which makes it useful under many conditions.